Keep Kids Safe as They Grow From Baby to Toddler

When you’re preparing to have a baby you will want to take some time to baby proof your house to keep your baby out of harm’s way. Your bundle of joy will quickly grow up and be cruising around the house as a toddler though so make sure to adjust as your newborn grows from baby to toddler.

Baby Safety Tips:


  • Blankets and Toys


Babies sleeping in cribs can get tangled in their blanket causing a choking hazard as they sleep. Likewise, toys can have button eyes or other extra pieces on them that pose a choking hazard for your baby.

Be sure to remove all clutter for the crib, most babies only need the mattress and a fitted sheet. There are toys that are specifically made for babies so they aren’t a choking hazard and are usually labeled as such.


  • Hot Water


Hot water that feels warm to an adult can scald babies.

Set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent your baby from being scalded by the hot water.


  • Hot Mugs


Hot mugs like hot water can have at temperatures greater than 120 degrees Fahrenheit which can burn your baby.

When you’re having your morning coffee keep the mug away from the edge of low coffee tables and don’t leave hot mugs unattended.


  • Strings and Cords


Strings and cords on blinds look like fun for a baby to play with but they can become a choking hazard quickly.

Make sure that baby’s cribs are not put close to the windows where they can become tangled in the cords and remove any other loose cords from the area so as they grow they don’t get in mischief.


  • Remote Buttons


Remote buttons can seem innocuous but a baby can pull the buttons off and they become a choking hazard like other buttons.

Keep all remotes behind closed doors that are secured or up on high surfaces that your exploring baby can’t get a hold of it.


  • Loose Change and Magnets


Loose change and magnets are another choking hazard for babies.

If you like to keep a bowl of loose change at home make sure that it’s on a high surface. Likewise, If you like to keep change in your purse remember to keep your purse hung up or on a high surface. For magnets, keep fridge magnets out of your baby’s reach.


Toddler Safety Tips:


  • Pot Handles


A hot pot on the stove would potentially be out of reach but if the handle is turned out then it catches your toddlers eye.

To remove all temptation for toddlers, keep the pot and pan handles turned in on the stove so your little ones don’t get burned.


  • Unstable Furniture


Tall or unstable furniture can become a hazard for toddlers trying to explore and climb.

Make sure that all furniture is stable or secured down so curious adventurers don’t have furniture fall on them. The most common items are bookshelves, tall drawers, and TVs.


  • Outlets


Outlets can be an electrocution hazard where toddlers can shock themselves.

To prevent electrocution cover all outlets with socket covers.


  • Lamps (Hot Bulbs)


Lamps are not as much of a danger in and of themselves but if you have a lamp on for a long time and your little one grabs the bulb it can cause a serious burn.

Make sure lamps are out of reach of children and if the lamp isn’t in use, turn it off.


  • Stairs


Stairs are a fall hazard as many parents know. Most parents put gates at the top of the stairs but if a toddler climbs the stairs they can still fall and injure themselves.

Put a baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent climbing and injury.


  • Cleaners


Whether it’s cleaning products in a bottle or soap packets for dishwashers and laundry machines, the bright colors and squishy packets can look like fun drinks and candy to kids.

Keep all cleaning products behind cupboards with child locks on them so toddlers can get in.


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